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4 DVD Ancestral Chen-style Taijiquan New Frame Chen Xiaowang

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4 DVD Ancestral Chen-style Taijiquan New Frame Chen Xiaowang

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4 DVD Xin Jia, 83 postures of ancestral Chen-style Taijiquan New Frame, master Chen Xiao Wang, the 19th generation of Chen’s family Tai Chi Quan.


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Shi Chuan Chen Shi Tai Ji Quan Xin Jia

Chen Style Taijiquan Old Frame(Lao Jia) was created by grandmaster Chen Chang Xin (1771-1853), from the fourteenth generation of the Chen family of Chen Jia Gou in Henan Province.

Based on a series of movements created by Chen Wang Ting (1600-1680), Chen Chang Xin developed the original sequences now is called the Chen Style Tai Ji Quan Old Frame.

New Frame(Xin Jia), diffused by Chen Fa Ke (1887-1957) and his son Chen Zhao Kui. Chen Fa Ke feared that taijiquan was being lost because some of its properties were too subtle. He has created a new frame that adds visible external movements for internal actions.

  • Languages : Chinese Voice, English subtitles.
  • Duration : 228 mins