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Celadon Ceramic Tea Pot 150ml -Yu Run

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Celadon Ceramic Tea Pot 150ml -Yu Run

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Lotus leave style tea cup. Smooth and elegant appearance. Different shades of green represent different states of the lotus leaf.

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Longquan celadon was fired at a high temperature of 1300 degrees without any chemical raw materials. The local minerals of Longquan makes it possible to obtain objects of the color of the jade in the production, it is environmental protection porcelain.

  • 4 colors: A. Ge Yao Mei Zi Qing B. Ge Yao Mi Huang C. Di Yao Mi Huang D. Ge Yao Fen Qing E. Di Yao Fen Qing F. Di Yao Mei Zi Qing
  • Production site: Long Quan official kilns
  • Size: