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[DESTOCK] Kung Fu and Daily Linen Uniform Tiger 180cm

[DESTOCK] Kung Fu and Daily Linen Uniform Tiger 180cm

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180cm. A desgin inspire from the tiger, one of the representive Kung Fu animals. High quality fabric and fabrication. Two styles of wearing which bring your martial art esprit to your daily life!


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  • Brand : Linoalium ®
  • Color : yellow and black.
  • Materials  linen and vegetable fibers.
  • Shrinkage: 1-2%
  • Range : NATURAL


Tiger is one of the representive Kung fu animals. Our design inspiration come from this idear. HU(虎) means tiger in chinese.

  • Short sleeves top withour collar.
  • Black border make the cloth more lively and bright.
  • Handmade buttons in 2 colors,
  • Partial openning on the front with 3 buttons.
  • Black pants, the part of the thigh is loose to ease the mouvements.


A uniform for double fonctions, daily life or training, a Kung Fu belt swich quick your role.


Washing and maintaining your uniform