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Double Straight Sword north stylle Semi-flexible Blade, Multi-sizes

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Double Straight Sword north stylle Semi-flexible Blade, Multi-sizes

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  A cost-effective choice for the practitioners. The use of double swords makes the coordination of the hands more perfect. In the battle, the fast-moving pace is used to match the attack and defense of the upper body, forming a relatively complete offensive and defensive system.

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Sold with storage box, carrying bag and beautiful tassels.


  • Blade: carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Handle: rosewood
  • Scarbbard: rosewood (in our shop, we only sell the solid wood, it is much more durable than the cheaper composite wood scabbard on the market.)
  • Fittings: metal alloy



  • Blade and handle made of one block of steel without welding.
  • Handle and hallebard decorated by the bat and fish pattern. The word "bat" (fu, Chinese: 蝠) in chinese sounds identical to the word for "luck" (fu, Chinese: 福), which is a pair of homophones implied linguistic symbolism. Due to the similarity in pronunciation in Chinese spoken language, the symbolic meaning of "bat" is commonly recognized as good fortune in Chinese culture. The Mandarin word for fish 鱼 (yu) shares a similar pronunciation as 余 which means surplus or abundance. Due to the homophony, the Chinese tend to equate fish with these auspicious traits.
  • All the sculpture fittings are exquisite handmade.


1 cm = 0.3937 in

Blade width: 3.2-3.4cm, thickness of blade: 0.7-0.9cm.

  • 26 cun: total length: 96 cm, blade length: 75 cm. Suggested person height: 155 - 165cm.
  • 28 cun: total length: 100 cm, blade length: 77 cm. Suggested person height: 165 - 175cm. 540g (270g*2) without scabbard, 1700g with scabbard .
  • 30 cun: total length: 103 cm, blade lengt: 82 cm. Suggested person height: 175 - 185cm

* This is a handmade product, weight and size may vary slightly from one weapon to another.
* The size information is indicative. As each person's habits and the specificities of each club can be different, you can also ask your teacher's advice to choose the length.
* Remark : For a blade length of 90 cm, the handle is  28 cm, designed to be held with both hands. In usual, the handle for one hand is 15 cm.


Weapon text engraving service


  • We can personalize the blade length according to your need, it takes 20-25 days to produce.


  • This weapon is used to practice intermediate level training.