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Sword of Goujian, Yue Wang Gou Jian Jian

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Sword of Goujian, Yue Wang Gou Jian Jian

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The Sword of Goujian, one of the most famous bronze products of Yue nation, the late spring and autumn period (500 B.C.). The sword is covered with regular black diamonds pattern. The same as the museum's original, it retains the bronze's own color and texture. A very beautiful replica, hand made production and worthy of collection.



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Sold with a collection certificate, a storage box, a carrying bag. This is a high level replica sword without scabbard, exactly the same as the original one in the Wuhan Museum.

  • Matierial: pure copper
  • HRC: 50
  • Model: bronze style, copper style.



  • A central ridg on the blade.
  • Hand forged, more than 10 grinding procedures, made by an experienced artisan.
  • Using the different size of grinding stone for coarse grinding, medium grinding and fine grinding.
  • Hand-polished ancient style, strong antioxidant.
  • The fine patterns on the blade show the characteristics of the era , a rigorous, regular, proportional, rhythmic rational beauty, a brillant bronze product.
  • The sword is in one whole block of copper, a concentric circle inside of the handle, the end of the handle(Jian Shou) turn outward to form the round hoop.

  • This sword (A) is the same as the original sword (B). On the blade, engraved text is " Sword of Gou Jian King of the nation Yue." font style is Xiao Zhuan.


  • Total length: 55cm
  • Blade length: 43cm
  • Handle length: 8.4 cm
  • Maximum blade width: 4.6cm
  • Blade thickness: 0.8cm

* This is  a handmade product, weight and size may vary slightly from one weapon to another.


  • This is a high range product for the collectors
  • In accordance with the chinese culture, the straightsword is considered as a wise and powerful object, symbol of justice and courage, the chinese people often put a high quality sword in the house to keep the peace of the house.