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Tai Ji Bang, Tai Chi Ruler (Stick ), SUO

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Tai Ji Bang, Tai Chi Ruler (Stick ), SUO

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The Tai Ji BANG is practiced on the spot or on the move, it is an external work, that is physical with muscular participation, tendinous, articular ..., and both internal, in the sense of a circulation of the energy in the body associated with the concentration.



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The repetitive external movements of the stick cause internal movements of the body, allowing internal energy to harmonize naturally.

Through movements such as turning, stirring, twisting in a spiral, circling, stirring the direct contact of the hand and fingers, the Tai Ji Bang stimulates the points of meridians.

  • Material : pear wood


  • Size : 33 cm * 3.6 cm  ( 13 in x 1.4 in )
  • Weight : 150 g ( 5.3 once )


  • Wood product, for the dry weather zones, need regular maintenance with the oil.